Flourishing through Adaptation

It is a common misperception that biological evolution is about “survival of the fittest”, When organisms live in an environment that is undergoing constant change those that will survive and flourish are those which are able to adapt to these changes.

We live in a world undergoing constant change – technology, workplaces, job roles, fashions and even values can change. Consequently, flourishing requires us to be ready and willing to adapt to the changes which affect us. However, in a quick moving world balance is required. While some change is good as it challenges us to grow, too much change can cause stress and fatigue. The ability to manage change at a pace we can handle is the key to flourishing, rather than floundering.

Tips for Flourishing through Adaptation

  • Prioritise the changes that you need to respond to.
  • Where possible only take on one change at a time.
  • Don’t rush to be involved in every new change. Not all changes persist. It is worth taking some time to consider whether a change is a fleeting fad or something worth investing your time and resources into.
  • Not all changes are necessary. Occasionally it is sensible to ignore or even flight a change. However,  when it is a fight you cannot win, fighting change is wasted energy.


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