Main Topics

One of the most satisfying things about exploring a wide range of information about how humans flourish is that after a while you start to recognise common themes. Connections start to emerge linking philosophy, psychology, neurobiology, science and the Arts.

In understanding how we can flourish, two key areas have emerged for me:

Understanding Self – what makes us who we are? what inspires us and makes us happy? What are our fears and how do we overcome them? What drives us, what are we passionate about? How do we learn best, what are our strengths and weaknesses?

I recommend reading this section first, as before we can understand others we need to understand ourselves.

Understanding How we Relate to Others – how do we best get along with other people? How do we communicate effectively, cooperate and collaborate? How can we best respond to difficult people and situations?

These might seem obvious, but they are surprisingly elusive for most people. Various international polls and surveys show in many countries only a minority of people class themselves as “happy”.

Below I have created an index of the content of this blog under these two main headings. I’ve tried to keep each topic no more than a 5 minute read, and have attempted to link similar topics for continuity. For those interested in more in depth reading on particular topics I will list relevant resources including books and links to other websites.



Relating to others